Glenn Hall - 1
Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, St Louis Blues
- 1955 to 1971  502 Conssecutive Games Played
A record that will never be broken
Born - October 3rd, 1931
Humbolt, Sask
Mr. Goalie
A meeting with Mr. Glenn Hall (Mr. Goalie, Mr. Wonderful actually Mr. Everything as far as we are
concerned) December 29th, 2008.
I would sincerely like to thank Mr Glenn Hall, Mr. Ralph Tschritter, Mr. Shaun Tschritter and Mr. Terry Bobryk for such a wonderful day.
A special thanks to Shaun (Mr. T) for arranging this day which will certainly never be forgotten.
Christmas this year is very special and Shaun has dubbed this the HALLidays.
From left / right - Terry Bobryk, Shaun Tschritter, myself Tom Connauton,
Ralph Tschritter. Ralph has probably forgot more about hockey then the
other 3 of us will ever know.
Mr. Hall enjoying a cup of brew. Best cup of coffee I have ever bought.
By the way I kept the cup.
Mr. Hall and Shaun Tschritter. This picture is out of focus because Perry
needs more camera experience. Mr. Hall has said it must be pretty cold out
to be wearing a coat like that.
Mr. Hall and Ralph Tschritter. Ralph of course is a little more practical and
wore a normal coat.
Mr. Hall and Terry Bobryk. Terry was sucked in by Shaun to wearing the
Leafs coat.
Mr. Hall signing my Northland vintage goalie stick while Ralph looks on.
Mr. Hall explaining the different lies and styles of goalie sticks that himself
and Terry Sawchuck had used.
I think these two pictures tell how great of a day this actually was. It would
take me hours to explain just how tremendous is was to spend this day with
a Hockey Legend, Mr. Glenn Hall.

Thanks so very much Mr. Hall, hope to do it again real soon.
Glenn Hall Action
Mr. Hall talking old time hockey with Ralph and Terry.  
Mr. Hall explaining the stance and postioning he had used in his day. He
had also indicated that there was a much different stance used when Bobby
Hull shot the puck.  
Shaun looking on in awe as Mr. Hall autographs his goalie stick. He had
mentioned it was so much easier today to sign items with the new style
pens. Also Shaun finally got the message and removed the Leafs coat.
It has been 40 some years since Mr. Hall signed my first Northland Goalie
Ralph (left) and Terry (above) having a few laughs with Glenn Hall.
Wonderful and enjoyable day with great people.  
A cup of Gourmet Coffee at the rink, $ 1.95. One Northlands vintage
goalie stick, $94.50. Spending the afternoon with Glenn Hall and
friends - "PRICELESS"