Our vintage goalie masks are built to game ready quality. We use a
minimum of 12 layers of 8 oz or 14 layers of a 6 oz  cloth (structural glass
with a reinforced design to provide exceptional strength) and in
combination with matte cloth and bonding agents. We use an high grade
expoxy resin specifically designed for the application and bonding of the
types of glass cloth utilized. Thus reducing the cure stress to a minimum.
The bond strength of each layer is also enhanced with special additives.
Very little resin is required to manufacture an extremely strong but plyable
product. Our special application process does just that. We do not use
gel-coat in any of our products. Although gel-coat can enhance bonding
of the adjacent layer it provides no strength enhancement and is a
weaker inner and outer shell.  Kevlar layers can be added to your masks
upon request. They are produced in either a clear coat finish or a game
used look. We also use finishing products (paint etc,) that are specifically
designed for use with the above products.
Please note, these vintage goalie masks are not certified for
game use and even though very well constructed, they were
only designed to protect goalies from facial injuries, cuts,
bruising, etc.  Hockey can sometimes be a dangerous sport
and extreme caution should be taken.
THC Vintage Mask
The finest in vintage goalie masks.
I have received a number of requests from customers and potential customers in regards to the quality and
specifications of THC Vintage Mask products. Specifically the products utilized in the construction of our
masks. Our vintage goalie masks are constructed with materials and process enginerred and designed
specifically for this application. While cost is a concern we do not lessen the standard and quality of the
product for cost. All masks are built to game ready quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They are
produced in a number of different finishes or to client specifications. Vintage goalie masks can be ordered
with or without backplates and harness's. Backplates are also made to original designs.
Product Information
Product Specification
Mask Style of  Finishing
Weave Look & Finish
Original Higgins Finish
High Gloss Pristine Finish
Game Used/Worn Finish