Glenn Hall - 1
Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, St Louis Blues
- 1955 to 1971
Born - October 3rd, 1931
Mr. Goalie
The first time I met Glenn Hall I was 11 years old. I can remember I stood
motionless staring at one of my hockey idols. He graceously signed my goalie
stick and I thought I can stop anything now.

The next time I met Glenn Hall was at his book signing at West Edmonton Mall.
Now I am 50 and again I stood motionless as he signed my book I had bought for
my son Josh.

I finally spoke and said it had been some 38 years since he signed my goalie
stick when I was 11 and being the fine gentlemen he is and always has been, he
replied you cannot be that old. My idol has done it again, I left with that same
feeling, I can stop anything.
I received a brief e-mail from Tom Adrahtas the author of Glenn Hall's book (The
Man They Call Mr. Goalie).  While I was reading the book with my son Josh you
could feel the passion that the author had for hockey and Mr. Hall. His e-mail
instilled the same passion. When something is that strong and real it never fades
only grows stronger. I cannot express how much we have enjoyed the numerous
times we have read The Man They Call Mr. Goalie. I urge everyone to read this
wonderful book, you will not be disappointed.
Great work Mr. Tom (Chico) Adrahtas!
Thank you Mr. Hall for all the wonderful memories.
Meeting Glenn Hall